Understanding the Covid19 Virus

Covid19 Corona Virus - Free image on Pixabay

What is the Covid19 virus

Covid19 is an infectious disease that has spread worldwide. Covid 19 is also known as the Corona Virus. How the disease came about has still not been disclosed.

The majority of people infected by the virus experience mild to moderate respiratory illness and are able to recover without requiring any special treatment. However those with underlying medical problems or over the age of 70 are more like to develop serious illness or even worse pass away.

The Corona virus spreads mainly through discharge of the noise and through the droplets within saliva. This usually occurs when someone coughs or sneezes. (To support this it has be advised that those that do cough or sneeze are to do this into their arm.)

Currently there are clinic trails evaluating and testing potential treatments, many awaiting updates for Covid19 treatments or vaccines.

How COVID-19 spreads

When someones positive for COVID-19 exhales or coughs they release droplets of infected fluid. These droplets fall on nearby objects and surfaces. People are able to catch the virus by coming in to contact with these contaminated objects or surfaces. Once touch the virus can then be consumed through the nose, mouth or touching of the eyes. It has been scientifically proven if standing within 1 meter of the infected person this can be caught through sharing the contaminated air.

Majority of people that catch the virus experience mild symptoms, however many other people require hospital care. It has been identified that people of the age of 40, with weakened immune systems or with major health conditions are at high risk of catching the virus. It has also been stated that the best way to contain or prevent the virus is to slow down transmission and the spread of the virus.

Washing regularly, wearing face masks and keeping the 2m distance, is the best way to protect yourself and others. The government has now release guidelines and regulations to help guide those in stopping the spread if the virus.

Tips on how to stop the spread of the virus.


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