A list of things to do during COVID19.

Looking after your mental well being.

Great ideas or you to stay active and remain physically and mentally healthy during covid9:

  1. Eat healthy. (well balanced meals)
  2. Drink plenty of water
  3. Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs
  4. Keep house ventilated with fresh air
  5. Take your door for a walk
  6. Up-cycle your furniture
  7. Decorate your house/living area
  8. Move around your furniture
  9. Learn out your kitchen collards
  10. Sort out your junk draw
  11. Get some natural sunlight day to day if you can.
  12. Gardening
  13. Look for online exercise programs.
  14. Star a virtual book club
  15. Start a visual event
  16. Learn to code
  17. Organise your wardrobe
  18. Get rid of 5 things you never use
  19. Study on topics that you have had not had time to carryout.
  20. Clean backlog of emails
  21. Update your CV
  22. Write a journal
  23. Write a novel
  24. Read
  25. Update you’re professional online accounts.
  26. Sync all your electronic devices
  27. Untag yourself for pictures on Facebook/Instagram that you do not like.
  28. Update your LinkedIn
  29. Organise your desk/work area
  30. Create a new playlist
  31. Reading
  32. Cooking
  33. Meditate/Yoga
  34. Indoor hobbies
  35. Go for a walk
  36. Go for a jog
  37. Knitting/sewing
  38. Create some art piece’s i.e. paint a picture, sculpture/arts&crafts etc.
  39. Pottery
  40. Play board games i.e Monopoly/Scrabble/Frustration/Chess/Cluedo etc.
  41. Indoor scavenger hunt
  42. Cook/bake
  43. Learn another language.
  44. Take up another language.
  45. Learn to play an instrument
  46. Take up a hobby I.e. photography, hiking, etc.
  47. Card games
  48. Bike ride, roller blade, scooter etc. (ensuring your keep the 2m from others.)
  49. Brain teaser games I.e. Sudoko/Crosswords etc.
  50. Video games
  51. Listening to the radio/watching tv.
  52. Movie nights
  53. Comedy
  54. Games night
  55. Puppet Show
  56. Talent shows
  57. Mini spa day at home
  58. Home pedicure/manicure
  59. Write a letter to your loved ones
  60. Daily prayers
  61. Watch the sunset/sunrise
  62. Catchup with family and friends you have been too busy for.
  63. Take up volunteering
  64. Stop smoking
  65. Change your look
  66. GET FIT
  67. Spend as much of your time doing things that make you feel happy.
  68. Make a wish list/bucket loosest of all your hopes and dreams.

Many have found that self isolating can be frustrating and boring, as not getting enough mental stimulation can have a huge effect on your moods and feelings. Causing you to feel out of place, worried and low. Covid19 has also had problems sleeping, as due to alterations in the economy many have had to adjust their sleeping patterns. Becoming depressed as you might miss being outside with other people or miss genuine activities you had become familiar with. Having to stay indoors one can easily fall into unhealthy patterns in behaviour, which over time can cause you to feel low or even worse fall into a depression. 


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