Ricks Cafe – Leap from Various Height

Free Admission - Open Every Day


    Ricks Cafe - leap from various height

    Rick’s Cafe in Negril is one of Jamaica’s most famous hot spots. It’s actually a bar and restaurant, but most people go there for heart-throbbing cliff jumping, and breath-taking sunsets!


    Located at the top of a 35-foot high cliff with an amazing sunset views!



    Opening Hours:  
    Thursday 12 – 9:30pm
    Friday 12 – 9:30pm
    Saturday 12 – 9:30pm
    Sunday 12 – 9:30pm
    Monday 12 – 9:30pm
    Tuesday 12 – 9:30pm
    Wednesday 12 – 9:30pm




    W End Rd, Negril, Jamaica


    +1 876-957-0380

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