List of things for kids to do during Covid19

Great list of fun things to do at home at home for kids during the Coivid19 acedemic. Indoor and outdoor activities that will keep your children happy. From reading to making indoor tents.

  1. Read
  2. Knitting/sewing
  3. Create some art piece’s i.e. paint a picture, sculpture/arts&crafts etc
  4. Pottery
  5. Play board games i.e Monopoly/Scrabble/Frustration/Chess/Cluedo etc
  6. Indoor scavenger hunt
  7. Learn to cook/bake
  8. Learn another language.
  9. Learn sign language.
  10. Learn to play an instrument
  11. Start a visual book club
  12. Start a visual event
  13. Play outside
  14. Take up a hobby I.e. photography, hiking, etc
  15. Card games
  16. Bike ride, roller blade, scooter etc. (ensuring your keep the 2m from others)
  17. Brain teaser games I.e. Sudoko/Crosswords etc.
  18. Video games
  19. Create a new playlist
  20. Listening to the radio/watching tv
  21. Movie nights 
  22. Comedy
  23. Games night
  24. Puppet Show
  25. Talent shows
  26. Mini spa day at home
  27. Write a journal
  28. Indoor hobbies
  29. Camp at home
  30. Cooling books
  31. Dress up
  32. Beatboxing
  33. Make slime
  34. Keep studying


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