Become a Promoter (Pro’s & Con’s)

How much do club promoters get paid? Working as a Club promoter you can make huge amounts of money. However statistic show the average income for club promoters is estimated to £33,000 per year. according to the career  Duties Include:

  • Mainly marketing or advertising.
  • Selling Club tickets
  • Adding people to club guest list
  • Selling Club tables and Drinks
  • Arranging Birthdays and other Celebrations

What makes a good Promoter

People skills are necessary as you will need to be able to make and hold conversations with all types of people. Its also very important your able to maintain relationships as the more people come back, the more money the promoter will make.  Other skills are listening skills, being responsive and respectful  to ideas. Another great skill needed is to be reliable this will have a huge impact on the Promoters reputation.

How to become a Promoter

– Find a venue that needs Promoting/Choose a target market.
– Pick a date your able to promote.
– Make sure the entertainment is secure
– Hire people if you need assistance
– Advertise and Market the event.
– Then Simply Collect your cash.

How to Promote with The Hotelory
– Find a venue that needs promoting
– Be approved to be a Vendor on The Hotelory Wedsite
– Upload the event
– Collect money after the event takes



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